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Locally family owned and operated, Airmaid Furnace & Duct Cleaning has been servicing Calgary families for over 20 years.

Specializing in residential and commercial duct and furnace cleaning, we thank Calgarians for trusting us to be the professional HVAC cleaning service of choice for your home.

We pride ourselves in our work - they say 'leave no stone unturned' and we can assure you that we leave no job unfinished. We believe that our customers come first and we invite you to experience the difference at Airmaid.

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Duct cleaning

The air that you and your family breath is a directly correlated to your health. In order to maintain better health, it is important to breath cleaner and fresher air...

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Furnace cleaning

Safety is our number one priority. To ensure that your home is not only clean, but also safe, it is important to regularly have your furnace serviced and cleaned by a furnace...

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Air conditioning coils

The difference in system efficiency between clean and dirty air conditioning coils is noticeable. Dirty coils prevent your system from operating at its peak efficiency...

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Commercial Duct Cleaning

Regular maintenance on your hot water tank unit is the best way to ensure that you and your family will have a well operating unit providing hot water when you require it...

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Central vac cleaning

Just like all other HVAC units in your home, central vacs require to be cleaned on a regular basis. The commended frequency depends on many factors such as usage and...

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Dryer Vents

Just like your ducts, your dryer vents require regular maintenance and cleaning. The cleaner the vents, the better the air. The better the air, the healthier you will be...

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Airmaid Furnace & Duct Cleaning

With the onset of Spring, get started on your cleaning with a professional cleaning done by Airmaid!

Airmaid Furnace & Duct Cleaning

If you have an issue with the ducts at home and not sure how much it will cost to looked into/fixed, we have just the solution for you!

Airmaid Furnace & Duct Cleaning

Cleaning is a very important part of commercial furnace maintenance. It ensures proper airflow and reduces levels of contaminants in the air.