What Your Furnace is Telling You

A furnace has plenty of ways of letting you know that something isn't right. The Calgary furnace repair pros at Airmaid Furnace & Duct Cleaning have seen it all. Here are some common furnace symptoms and what they might mean.

Strange Noises

If you suddenly start hearing popping, ratting, or squeaking sounds, then it is likely that your furnace belts are malfunctioning or have become loose. If, instead, it is your furnace blower has gotten louder, then it may indicate a problem with your limit switch.

Frequent Cycling

Frequent cycling can be caused by issues with the way the thermostat is set or the thermostat's batteries. If your thermostat seems fine, however, then the problem may be due to failed sensors or to blocked air vents and duct. To prevent frequent cycling due to improper air flow, make sure you schedule a regular furnace cleaning. This will also help with the air quality inside of your home.

Uneven Heating

If you notice that different areas of your home are heating up at different rates, or if you're constantly having to adjust the thermostat, then your furnace is likely in need of repairs. It may be nearing the end of its usable life, or it may just need some serious maintenance. A professional will be able to let you know if repair or replacement is your best option.

Rising Heating Bills

Rising heating bills are another indicator that your furnace is malfunctioning or simply too old to properly do its job anymore. It's normal for heating bills to rise during the winter and to fluctuate month to month, but your heating bill should not change drastically from one year to the next unless your lifestyle or living circumstances have changed as well.

No Heat

If your furnace has stopped providing heat altogether, then your first step should be to check the thermostat and make sure it hasn't accidentally been turned off. Another common possibility is that a circuit breaker may have tripped. If this is the case, then simply reset the switch and investigate why it tripped in the first place. If, however, you can't find a simple reason as to why your furnace stopped providing heat, then it's time to call for professional furnace repair in Calgary.

Change in Pilot Light Colour

Your furnace's pilot light should always be bright blue in colour and should shine steadily without much flickering. Any changes to the colour of the pilot light may indicate several different possible malfunctions, a carbon monoxide leak among them. It is crucial that you contact Calgary furnace repair professionals as soon as possible if you notice a change in the colour of your pilot light.

Professional Furnace Repair in Calgary

At Airmaid Furnace & Duct Cleaning, we have been helping home and business owners in Calgary solve their furnace troubles for over 20 years. Don't let the above symptoms or other concerning signs go unchecked. Contact Airmaid Furnace & Duct Cleaning today to schedule a furnace cleaning or for furnace repair in Calgary.

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