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The hard truth is, a dryer vent is highly hazardous when it is not regularly cleaned it creates a world of possibility for potential fires. During the year, dryers accumulate debris, dust, and lint that sit in the ducts, this causes the dryer to work harder and longer because air is unable to freely flow throughout the duct. It is a major fire hazard because it causes pressure on the dryers’ internal blower this can result in the rise of temperature within the system that could ignite. To prevent a horrible situation like a fire call us today to have your commercial dryer vents cleaned.

Professional Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Calgary

Faulty commercial dryer installations can also lead to a fire, or damage to your dryer; ensure you have a trained and insured professional installing your commercial dryer. Commercial dryer vent cleaning Calgary employs certified technicians who ensure safety is always top priority. We will ensure all persons on every site are kept safe by providing excellent safety precautions.

Advantages of professional dryer vent cleaning services:

  • Flexible appointments
  • Certified cleaning services
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Safety precautions

Why clean dryer vents?

Reduce Excess Dust

Properly cleaned dryer vents ensure clothes are being dried in a timely manner, reducing energy costs as you are not overusing your dryer.

Prevent Fires

Dryer fires occur when debris is blocking the vent, making hot air trapped within the vents, due to dryer lint being extremely flammable this can cause a fire, with regular cleaning of your commercial dryer vent you can prevent the risk of a fire.

Increase dryer efficiency & extend dryer Life

When regular commercial dryer vent cleaning is completed this allows your dryer to function at its top ability leading to a long life. Without regular cleaning, your dryer has to run longer and harder to complete a cycle. Poorly maintained dryer ducts that become loaded with debris will cause your dryer to work harder resulting in unwanted costs and repairs.

Saves Money

With regular commercial dryer vent cleaning completed your dryer will run at top performance costing you less in energy usage.

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