Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Cleaning

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  • How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Furnace And Duct Work?

    Most companies will tell you to have it done annually, but it really depends on a variety of factors, including the environment, pet dander, personal preference, and other factors. Airmaid can help you understand what cleaning frequency would best suit your situation.

  • Do You Have The Proper Equipment To Clean My System?

    Yes, we have service vehicles that are supplied with truck mounted equipment so that we can easily clean all your ductwork.

  • Do Your Technicians Have Training?

    Yes, our technicians are fully trained in furnace, ductwork cleaning, and all other services that we provide. You should make sure the company you select has trained personnel who are going to be performing these services. Our technicians are also fully bonded and insured.

  • How Much Does it Cost?

    The cost of the job depends upon many factors. Give us a call today and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

  • Do You Come Equipped With Sufficient Tools To Clean My Clogged Air Conditioner Coil?

    Yes, our certified team of technicians are equipped with the efficient tools to clean your dirty AC coils. We also ensure that your air conditioner is working at its maximum efficiency to help reduce your energy bills.

  • How Many Times Should I Clean My Ducts Per Year?

    It is advised to clean your ducts at least 1 time per year. We recommend cleaning your vents:

    • Before moving to a new house
    • If you have breathing conditions or allergies
    • If you own pets
  • How Do I Know That My Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning?

    You can easily predict that your dryer vent needs some maintenance and cleaning with the following warning signs:

    • Exterior portion of your dryer is extremely hot when in use
    • Clothing takes more time to dry
    • Burning smell in your dryer vent or dryer
    • Air not blowing out of vent
  • How Long Does It Take For The Cleaning To Be Completed?

    The time taken for our cleaning services will be based on several factors. We have a team of skilled and certified technicians who will check the overall condition of your dryer vent properly. After that, they will bring you a precise estimate, once approved we will start work. Equipped with all necessary tools, our team will complete the dryer vent cleaning job as soon as possible.

  • Do You Have Certified Technicians?

    We have a certified team of technicians who are experts in performing duct cleaning and other cleaning tasks. Our team has over 20 years experience, and our technicians are certified, trained, and insured to offer our clients HVAC cleaning services. It is highly recommended to hire the company that has certified technicians to perform any work done on your HVAC system.

  • Is It Important To Clean My Furnace System Regularly?

    If you want a healthy life, you need to breathe fresher and cleaner air. Ducts play a significant role in getting clean air inside your house. To enjoy the complete benefits of your HVAC system, you need to clean it periodically. Both dirt and dust gather inside the ducts resulting in poor indoor air quality. If you want to make sure that you are breathing only the freshest air, make sure duct cleaning is part of your yearly HVAC maintenance process.

  • How Do I Clean My Dryer Vents Safely And Quickly?

    Cleaning the dryer vents is somewhat difficult, so it’s recommended to hire a team of certified technicians. Once you select the cleaning team, you need to ensure that the technicians have the required skills to clean the dryer vents.

  • How Is The Central Vac Cleaning Process Done?

    Like HVAC units or other devices in your house, central vacs also require regular cleaning and maintenance. The overall frequency is based on various factors including usage, your habits and more. Our certified technicians have the skills to assess your central vac unit and to further recommend a cleaning or service schedule to perfectly suit your needs. We not only make your unit cleaner but also ensure that you receive lower energy bills with higher efficiency.

  • Do You Provide Cleaning Services for Commercial Furnaces?

    Yes, our team of skilled technicians provide professional cleaning services to commercial furnace systems. Commercial furnaces are larger and highly complicated when compared to the residential heating systems. It means that repairs and cleaning take extensive knowledge and time.

    We are experts who offer comprehensive and professional commercial furnace cleaning solutions. It is significant to know that our cleaning services are ideal for all kinds of commercial buildings, including industrial buildings, offices, warehouses and more.

    Our furnace cleaning team will also identify any problems in the ventilation system like limited air flow which is created by the collection of airborne contaminants, dirt, and dust.

  • How Do I Determine if My Air Ducts Are Cleaned Properly?

    One of the simplest techniques to determine the overall effectiveness of the cleaning job is to simply do an inspection of the ducts before and after. Anyone can perform this kind of inspection themselves by using a flashlight. If your air ducts are free of dust and debris, you can be assured that the job was completed properly.

  • Do I Receive any Sort of Guarantees From Your Team?

    Yes, we are a team of certified cleaning professionals who offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our services. We are dedicated to offer complete satisfaction to our both commercial and residential clients.

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